With over 85 employees operating 75 pieces of equipment over two camps, the Health and Safety of our workforce is the most important value for Wahkash Contracting.

We are committed to the health, safety and wellbeing of all our employees, ensuring every employee and contractor follows safe working procedures, observes all safety and health regulations, and co-operates in the objective of an accident free workplace.

Safety Officer

Charlene Keats

Bullseye! Charlene holds a Masters classification in air pistol and Expert in 22 pistol. She takes shooting very seriously. The same goes for safety in every aspect of her life. Being interested in competition shooting from a young age, Charlene has learned that safety is imperative to all activities. After completing the National Construction Safety Officer program from ASCA as well as the Occupational Health and Safety program at University of Alberta, she has been in a career of safety since 2013. From 500 ton cranes, to now processors and bunchers, she is no stranger to big equipment. She understands that safety is an important part of the system and must balance out with production. She says that production must not outweigh safety, and safety must not outweigh production. There is a happy medium and we can find it.
Charlene leads the Health & Safety Program at Wahkash Contracting, which strives to:
  • Adhere to WorkSafe BC regulations
  • Implement the corrective actions of annual safety audits
  • Have every employee follow the company safety policies, practices and procedures
  • Ensure that the employer keeps everyone safe so they can go home to their families at shifts end
Charlene wants to be on the offensive when it comes to safety so that incidents can be prevented from happening instead of working reactively. This requires camp visits each month to participate in safety meetings, complete onsite inspections and observe day to day operations. Charlene is easy to speak with and is open to suggestions or questions. You can be assured that Officer Keats is on the job!


Health and Safety is the top priority at Wahkash Contracting.

  • Health and Safety is the un-compromised right and responsibility of all employees.

  • Management is committed to ensuring that high standards of environmental safety and
    job training are provided. We will use audits to measure and improve our performance.

  • All employees are trained to identify hazards and protect themselves and fellow workers. All workers and contractors must report unsafe acts and conditions.

  • Every employee has the right and responsibility to refuse work that they believe to be unsafe.

  • Every employee and contractor working for us must follow safe working procedures, must observe all safety and health regulations and co-operate in the objective of accident free production.

  • We will actively involve our employees in effective safety programs.

  • Management of the company is committed to providing the resources and commitment for a safe work environment that meets Legislation and Regulation.

  • Company Supervisors will be expected to ensure that the Company’s Safety Program is fully implemented per the policies and commitments of the company OH&S Program, and as required by Legislation and Regulation.

  • All employees are expected to respect and adhere to all the company OH&S Safety Policies and Procedures as outlined in the Company’s OH&S Policy Manual and as required by Legislation and Regulation.

  • We are committed to the health, safety and well-being of all employees. This comes ahead of production and ahead of cost, important as these are. We will operate in compliance with all Health and Safety regulations.



  • Communication

  • Safety Committees

  • Inspections

  • Incident Reporting & Investigations

Wahkash Contracting is a small company with a family atmosphere. There are many opportunities to learn new positions and move up through the ranks with dedication and hard work. In the past few years, over 30 employees have been hired at entry level and moved into equipment operator seats or highly skilled positions. Our employees enjoy a competitive wage and comprehensive benefits.


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